Week 20 Update

Archaeology Update for the Week of February 13

Down Week Edition

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, everyone! That means, if you’re like me, it’s right about time to say, “Oh, shoot! It’s almost Valentine’s Day!” We hope that you have your friends and loved ones in mind as you look forward to the downhill side of February. Our excavations are still rolling along, but we are going to take a down week with our weekly updates and our live videos this week to take care of some nagging items on our “To Do” list. In the meantime, here are a couple fun pictures of Texas State University’s Susan Sincerbox carefully excavating parts of a deer skull recovered in the upper level of a newly-opened test unit in Block C.

We will be back next week with more news. Have a great week!

Representin’ the Bobcats out at the Headwaters site!

You can see the deer’s teeth quite well in this close-up. Notice how Susan isn’t using a trowel here to dig, but a pointed stick. It’s easier to get into the tight spaces with those.

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