Foundation Builders Campaign

Foundation Builders Campaign

In 2016 in partnership with NBU and with strong support from the community through the Foundation Builders campaign Phase I of the master plan was funded and development included removal of approximately five acres of asphalt and replacement with hundreds of native trees, plants, and grasses, scenic walking trails and interpretive signage; significant riparian zone restoration on the Comal River; daylighting the headsprings of the Comal River; and remodeling an old warehouse building into a beautiful learning pavilion. (Add photo of pavilion from Mission page here) Site build out activities resulted in a dramatic 94% reduction in localized pollution entering the Comal River system, and allowed the Headwaters to begin operating educational programs and research activities.

Another building on site has been updated, and now serves as our covered education Pavilion.

The Headwaters has also re-purposed the concrete slab of a building removed from the site, into the pavers used throughout the site.

Court of Las Fontanas

Explorer – $100,000

M&S Engineering, L.L.C.
Greenstone Electrical Services

Envoy – $15,000

Mr. & Mrs. James Jeffers
Reagan Burrus PLLC
Ten Eyck Landscape Architects Inc.

Ambassador – $25,000

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Dougal
Frost Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kohlenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Kyle
The Pfeuffer Family
Roy W. & Ellen S. Quillin Foundation
Schneider Engineering
Shield-Ayres Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Ian Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Wiggins

Envoy – $15,000

Mr. & Mrs. James Jeffers
Reagan Burrus PLLC
Ten Eyck Landscape Architects Inc.

Consul – $10,000

Capitol Aggregates
Casteel & Casteel, PLLC
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Chapman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert DiFonzo
Freese and Nichols, Inc
Mr. & Mrs. John Harrell
Mr. & Mrs. Rocky Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Carroll U. Hoffmann & Hoffmann Financial Services
Mr. Tobin Hoffmann & Dr. Judy Hoffmann
Mr. Ernesto Jergins
Mr. & Mrs. Layton Leissner
Lloyd Gosselink Attorneys at Law
Mr. John Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Wes Studdard

Attaché – $5,000

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Albrecht
AmaTerra Environmental Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. David Beck
Bedford Family Dentistry
Mr. & Mrs. James Bettersworth
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Biggers
Mr. & Mrs Jay Brewer
Mr. & Mrs. Les Broyles
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Campbell
Atanacio Campos & Sarah Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Campos
Mr. Cesar Castilleja
Mr. Sonny Collins & Ms. Penelope Speier
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Dierksen
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dietert
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Doyle
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Draeger
Ms. Mitzi Irene Nuhn Dreher
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Duff
Ms. Kristine Eilers
Ms. Lisa Fredrickson
Mr. & Mrs. Miles Granzin
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Griffin
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority
Hampel & Wuest families
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Hannan
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hanz
Ms. Brooke Claire Hermann
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Hollmig
Huddleston & Company
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Johnson, Jr.
The David B. Terk Wildlife Conservation Fund
Senator Bob Krueger & Kathleen Tobin Krueger
Ms. Roxolin Bose Krueger
Ms. Elizabeth Louise Burt Kyle
Lake Flato Architects
Mr. Michael E. Leal

Dr. & Mrs. William T. Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Forrest McGlothin
Meadows Foundation
State Rep. & Mrs. Doug Miller
Mr. Randy L. Miller
Moeller & Associates
Ms. Judy Nuhn Morton
Mr. Richard Heyden & Ms. Cyndi Miller
Ohlrich, Boyer, Cox & Minus Families
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ohlrich
Ms. Sharon O’Toole
Mr. Frank Panebianco
Mr. Mark Parmerlee
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Pehl
Dr. Michael Poston
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ramirez
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reuwer
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rhodus
Mr. Patrick M. Rose
Ms. Natalie Rougeux
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Rust
Malford Seiler & Bill Toney Families
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Snider
Mr. & Mrs. John Svoboda
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Tamez
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Tays
TCOR Management
Texas State Optical Schertz
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Thompson
Vertical Bridge REIT, L.L.C.
Mr. & Mrs. Ford Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Washburne
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Westerfer
Mr. Duane Westerman
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Wiggins
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Wood
Stanley & Louise Woodward Family
Ms. Connie Worley
Xtreme Roofing
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Zunker

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