Research Partnership Program

Rich in natural & cultural resources, Headwaters at the Comal is a hub for research, exploration & discovery

We partner with the research and academic community, helping you explore our beautiful site while maintaining the integrity of the natural and cultural resources it offers.

From hosting fun seasonal bioblitz events, to managing a water quality monitoring program and advising on longitudinal research projects on cultural and environmental issues, the Headwaters at the Comal is deeply invested in research.


The Headwaters sits at a unique transition zone. It is here where the Edwards Plateau meets the Texas Blackland Prairies. We’re reestablishing native habitats and have planted hundreds of native grasses, plants, and trees and watch as native wildlife resumes activity onsite.


Attracted to the area by the Comal Springs and abundance of fresh water, the Headwaters has a historical and archaeological record dating back 8,000 years. Additional exploration can provide new understanding of peoples’ lives in the area across many centuries.


The Comal River and the headwater springs feed significant volumes into the Guadalupe River Basin. Our site is a refuge for endangered, native and migratory species. It acts as a natural buffer against polluted stormwater drained by Blieders Creek from its extensive watershed.

"Research is at the core of who we are. With a team of technical experts, we conduct, facilitate, and promote research that deepens our understanding of the impacts of human activity on our resources and human benefits from experiences in nature."

Nancy Pappas | Managing Director

"Investigations here will fill gaps in archaeological chronologies, serving as an important site for the region."
Mason Miller
"Headwaters is a wonderful opportunity to better understand how we can heal our urban landscapes."
John Hart Asher
LBJ Wildflower Center

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