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Create a visionary education center inspiring hearts and minds on the importance of conservation to community.

Heart and Soul of New Braunfels

The Comal River is the heart and soul of the New Braunfels area, and for thousands of years it has been an important gathering place for people. The River and the springs that feed it are core to the identity of the New Braunfels community and are a critical natural resource for the region. To ensure the conservation of this natural resource, New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) established Headwaters at the Comal in 2017, and together, work to inspire the lifelong practice of experiencing, enjoying, and stewarding the cultural, ecological, and community resources that have made New Braunfels and the Hill Country region a special place to live. In partnership with NBU, and with strong support from the community, Headwaters is leading a grand metamorphosis; the complete transformation of a 16-acre site from an old utility facilities property that sits at the headwaters of the Comal River into the Hill Country’s premier education and community center.

A master plan document for the site was created through a community stakeholder engagement process in 2014. The vision for the project was grand and therefore the decision was made to break the project into smaller, sustainable pieces. Phase I, Foundation Builders Campaign. was completed in November of 2017. As funding is secured to match New Braunfels Utilities’ commitment to the project future portions of the Master Plan will be developed.

Headwaters Heroes Campaign for Education

While Headwaters staff and partners consistently offer a variety of programs across our areas of focus, demand for programs currently exceeds the project’s capacity, primarily due to lack of indoor facilities. The next phase of development of the master plan, which is dependent of the generous support of the community, will address that lack of indoor space and all abilities access.

Main Building Restoration

The main building will be restored in the next development phase to allow for a variety of programs, events, field trips and meetings. As a goal and way to put forward our belief in a regional ethic of valuing cultural and ecological resources, this restored building will use innovative technologies to create a nature-oriented meeting space.  Specially designed natural lighting and ventilation will allow us to conserve resources, innovative technologies will reduce water consumption and solar roof panels will allow the site to achieve net-zero energy use.

Picnic Area Entrance

The Headwaters main entrance provides a welcoming green space where visitors are drawn into the story of the site, which begins back in prehistoric times.  It’s their first step into the inclusive, interpretive concept of this premier education center which will inspire hearts and minds on the importance of conservation. This shady gathering place will be enhanced by creative archaeological features, currently in design, remind everyone of the importance of the Comal Springs to people since the beginning of human existence in the region.

Community Spaces

The last pods that make up the restoration of the main building focus on a screened fresh-air exhibit and classroom providing additional space for field trips and possibly archaeological exhibits. Administrative offices and an additional large meeting space accommodate a variety of programs, community groups and gatherings including flex space for field trips or meetings. Looking out over the community gathering lawn and further into the native prairie restoration this space is certain to be in high demand throughout the year.

Ways to Donate

Opportunities to support Headwaters extend beyond Membership. We rely on support from individuals, foundations, and corporations in order to restore and sustain the ecosystem here at Headwaters.

Direct Gift

The easiest way to make an impact is by giving directly to the Headwaters project.

You can donate online here or mail a check to:

Headwaters At The Comal
333 E. Klingemann St.
New Braunfels, Texas


Headwaters at the Comal offers many unique ways to show appreciation for a friend or colleague; purchase a membership for them, memorialize a loved one with a donation in their name; or honor an accomplishment. It is a gift that will be cherished and remembered not only by your special person, but by the entire New Braunfels community for generations to come.

For more information about different tribute gift opportunities, please contact please contact Nancy Pappas at npappas@nbutexas.com or 830-608-8828.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship demonstrates your company’s commitment to preserving the environment and the culture of New Braunfels and the surrounding region. Corporate sponsorship can fund a wide variety of projects ranging from educational programming to building restoration, creation of unique, natural community gathering spaces showcasing environmentally friendly, pollinator attracting habitats. Corporate sponsorship provides a great way to give back to and stay involved with the community.

For more information about the corporate sponsorship program, please contact Nancy Pappas at npappas@nbutexas.com or 830-608-8828.

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