One Water

In late 2019, New Braunfels Utilities established a working group with numerous departments at the City of New Braunfels and the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority to explore a new approach to conducting our work as it relates to water in New Braunfels.

One Water New Braunfels

With a strong desire to provide water management that is resilient, sustainable, and in keeping with the values of the New Braunfels community, the One Water New Braunfels Roadmap is a framework to support water management agencies and the community in realizing this vision: To ensure water remains a celebrated and protected feature of our community by collaboratively managing our water resources to safeguard watersheds, waterways and groundwater.

  1. Plan for and manage water resources holistically and sustainably
  2. Maximize environmental, social and economic benefits to New Braunfels
  3. Ensure water remains a celebrated feature of our community
  4. Build a community of water-conscious citizens
  5. Provide a sustainable and resilient water supply for people
  6. Ensure high-quality drinking water & water quality that meets the standards for its intended use
  7. Improve health of local watersheds, waterways, and groundwater resources

What is One Water?

The One Water approach is an international movement being adopted and implemented by cities, utilities, urban planners, engineers, politicians and more. Instead of compartmentalizing water into its various sectors – such as drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, recreational water, and so forth – and making decisions in isolation from each other, this vision mandates that we see it is all “one water” and work more collectively as a group when we address water issues.


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Sarah Richards

Director of Customer Solutions
New Braunfels Utilities

Mark Enders

Watershed Program Manager
City of New Braunfels


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