Environmental Conservation

Phase I of the Headwaters at the Comal features some impressive environmental and water conservation improvements.

Reduction in the total suspended solids reaching the Comal Springs System through:

Removal of a significant portion of the asphalt which slows the flow of runoff across the property.

An enhanced stormwater management system, featuring bio-retention areas; vegetated swales; bioswales; and rain gardens, allows a significant amount of water to filter into the aquifer through the ground’s natural filtration system.

In times of heavy rain, this enhanced stormwater management system offers additional flood control to help steer fast-moving, sediment laden water away from this ecologically sensitive area, further improving the quality of runoff water.Installation of permeable pathways, including grass pavers along the crushed granite fire lane, offer additional environmental improvement.

Phase I offers a partial installation of permeable sidewalk along Lakeview Blvd., the remainder of sidewalk will be installed in Phase II.

Environmental improvements include:

Removal of 1/3 of the 1930s era spring cap allows leaves, pollen, and other organic matter to fall into the water, which improves habitat for endangered and threatened species living in the springs system.

Planting of hundreds of native grasses, plants, and trees reestablish two (Riparian Woodland and Savanna), of the eventual four, different regional planting typologies that will be featured on the site.Diversion of the overflow pipe from the existing water storage tank on the site into a gabion catch basin. In the event of an emergency, this measure will prevent chlorinated water stored in the tank from entering the springs system unchecked and allow the water to filter and cleanse first.The Headwaters has also re-purposed the concrete slab of a building removed from the site, into the pavers used throughout the site.

Another building on site has been updated, and now serves as our covered education Pavilion.

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