Comal River

The Headwaters at the Comal River will be a beautiful place for visitors and locals alike to connect to nature, but also a leader in water and energy conservation best practices for today and the future.

The Headwaters at the Comal River is undergoing a complete metamorphosis converting a no longer used utility warehouse, fleet and facility property into an innovative, nature-oriented community space highlighting the significance of the Comal River Springs ecosystem.

The property holds the headwaters spring run, Spring Run#4, of the Comal River and has been covered in asphalt and impervious cover since the 1970s, unfortunately, this resulted in thousands of pounds of pollutants washing across its surface and depositing unchecked into these environmentally sensitive springs. 

In August 2016 work began, thanks to generous financial commitments from the community and funding from New Braunfels Utilities to remove the asphalt and impervious and replace with a native prairie complete with a natural stormwater filtration system using vernal pools, swales, berms, and check dams to slow down run-off, allow it to cleanse and polish before seeping into the groundwater clean of pollutants.

Framing the Foundation Campaign

$6.2 Million Raised

In partnership with the community we are creating a premier education center, at the
headwaters springs of the Comal River.

Artist rendering Headwaters at the Comal

Our Vision

The Comal River is the heart and soul of New Braunfels and for thousands of years it has been an important gathering place for people. A critical natural resource for the region. To ensure the protection of this unique national treasure, we are restoring the property to its natural state and repurposing the facilities into an innovative, nature-oriented community space.

Feather in the water at the Headwaters at the Comal

Our Story

The story of Headwaters at the Comal, New Braunfels Utilities’ conservation legacy project, begins in 2012 with a group of dedicated stakeholders working to define a higher and better purpose for the site that holds the Comal River’s headwater springs. The story of the significance of the springs is a true intersection of water and history going back thousands of years.

Experience the Headwaters

Come visit this nature-oriented community space, at the headwaters springs of the Comal River. It’s a space for research, learning, gathering, and appreciating the long history and importance of the Comal River and the spring system that feeds it, and the importance of conserving this unique resource.

Get Involved

Join us in our work to protect and conserve the Comal Springs. There are many ways to get involved and all of them contribute to our mission of connecting the community to nature, history, and the significance of the Comal River to this region.

Opportunities include: volunteering your time and talents, making a financial contribution, becoming a member, or simply making a visit to see the Headwaters of the Comal.

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